Apr 21st
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Звезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активна
Dear colleagues, scientists,

Israel as a whole and its scientific community in particular became a target of unprovoked, unprecedented aggression of the European Commission - the governing body of the European Union. The Commission demanded that all EU institutions have to cease partnerships and other relationships with companies and institutions in Israel, located in Judea, Samaria and Eastern parts of Jerusalem, or those having partnerships with them, thus proclaiming their boycott.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which I have the honor to belong to, became one of numerous boycotted institutions. I consider it necessary to stress that universities in countries with openly gangster regimes like Syria or North Korea, are not boycotted and never were boycotted by EU.

The threat of European Commission action is comparable to blockade of ports and sea ways, which, according to UN documents, falls under the definition of aggression. The wild idea to boycott Israel, stop financing of her enterprises, and imposing of sanctions to "punish" the country has been promoted since long ago by a group of international thugs from science, like English "professor" Rose and his wife, by left-wing trade union leadership, and a small group of clerics. Who could imagine that the European Commission will join and reinforce this marginal movement?!

The official argument justifying the actions of the EU, does not sustain criticism from neither moral nor legal points of view. I could prove it as a rigorous mathematical theorem, since Israel does not occupy somebodies territory, does not restrict religious, economic or personal interests of any nation or ethnic group. Only definitely illusory desire to avert the threat of Islamic extremism from EU countries, can explain the persistence of the "world community" is trying to create a 23rd Arab state, crouching in front of the leader of the "Palestinian" nation, that was conceived in sin in 1967 by the dashing guys from KGB.

But, be that as it may, the boycott is declared, and from next year it comes into lawful force, if the word “law” can be applied to complete disregard of international law and morality, in fact, in the interests of a handful of bandits - terrorists and to the detriment of the mass of people, Jews and Arabs alike.

Israeli scientists devote all their intellect to the development of world science, its fundamental and applied parts. Israeli great discoveries in medicine and agriculture directly serve all people in the world regardless of their religion, ethnicity or race, wealth and education level. Anyone can verify this simply by e.g. logging into any of the many hospitals in Israel, and by looking at their patients. Free help is available even to wounded soldiers of Assad's army and to opposing the ruling regime rebels.

The European Commission guided by its own interest, objectively speaking, went on about a bunch of "activists" wielding of selfish reasons, or just stupidity. Among the "boycott activists", sadly, there are also Jews from the Diaspora and Israel.

In my view, the boycott should not remain unanswered by those against whom it is directed and by all decent and honest people in the world. Boycotters should be boycotted! Of course, each scientists is responsible for the actions of his or her native authorities. If in a democratic country a scientist doe’s not openly express disagreement with the "tricks" of his government, he should be hold responsible to God and to other people for these actions.

I am positive that many will join my call - no contacts with the boycotting Israeli academics EU institutions and individual boycotters.

I intend not to attend conferences organized by boycotters, not to participate, clearly explaining the reason, in the work of their organizing committees, do not accept individual guests from boycotting Israel EU institutions, if they are not explicitly declaring their condemnation of anti-Israel boycott.

I will not send a single paper to a journal, if I find out that it is boycotting the University and the Colleges of Judea and Samaria. I will do everything I can to make sure that every boycotter could not speak undisturbed in my presence.

There is no doubt that an active, successful scientist will not fall to the boycott of his colleagues, not involved in any wrongdoings. I intend to do everything I can to take away academic aura of boycotters. With none of them, including first of all the Jews, I will not shake hands, and do everything I can to make their scientific bleakness evident. I do not intend to buy any books of boycotters or even read them in the electronic network.

There are incomparably more honest scientists than crooks, who organized the boycott. Together, decent people will easy get rid of the crooks in their environment, serving thereby, last but not least, the best interests of science.

I will try, as far as I can, to strengthen collaboration with the University and the Colleges of Judea and Samaria and inform my foreign colleagues on the activities of these research institutions.

I urge colleagues of developed and scientifically advanced countries to strengthen ties with the scientists of Judea and Samaria, of all Israel, to use the money that are not under the control of hooligan EU bureaucrats, for the development of joint projects with Israel in general, and with colleagues working in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem - in particular. It will pay off, believe me.

I recommend my foreign colleagues to take the research staff of the boycotted institutions for training, visit these institutions and lecture there. Very important is the role of public organizations of scientists. The American Physical Society has condemned the boycott of Israeli academics. It is necessary to ensure that the scientific community and in the first place, the European organization of physicists and other specialists, as well as National and European Academy of Sciences condemn the boycott.

Please distribute this message as widely as possible, and actively participate in the proposed response actions that are intended to frustrate the EU commission boycott. We cannot allow meanness to triumph.

Sincerely yours, Miron Ya. Amusia, Professor of Physics, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Fellow of the American Physical Society, Recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt research award.


PS Israel's neighboring Arab countries are now badly weakened by internal strife and wars. The probability of a joint attack on Israel is close to zero. All the anti-Israel activity is now reduced mainly to anti-Jewish rhetoric. And at this moment the terrorists get such a stimulating and appealing to their more active action “gift” from the EU. This cannot be accidental.