Sep 19th
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Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Americans thought they were electing a President for a democratic nation. Little did they know they were about to elect a King to rule over all Americans.

Kings have their own self-centered agendas, often believing their rule is one of destiny, chosen by their gods. To what gods has Barack Hussein Obama pledged his allegiance? Who will be his chosen friends and new allies in the world?

Many have wondered about Obama’s true agenda. Where does his heart and soul lie? Perhaps he is, as claimed, a true Christian or, in his other self, he is the Muslim as he was born.

While Obama’s words for Israel speak of "peace", his actions and those he has gathered around him speak of an agenda that sides with Islam’s goal to eradicate the Jewish State from the Earth.

Perhaps Obama is not an evil man but, his soul has  bonded (as if they are his true blood brothers) with Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, among others - while they act as enemies of the democratic nations of America and Israel.

Some will think that Obama made a Faustian bargain with the devil to claim his destiny as King of America. In doing so, he has taken on the obligation of rule in his mind by divine right. Obama would not be the first ruler/dictator whose supreme arrogance led him to believe he was doing his god’s work. We have seen such self-delusion in Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, Saddam Hussein, the Iranian Ayatollahs, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Hafez al Assad - even back to ancient times.

Perhaps it starts merely as ambition but, that ambition grows uncontrollably and soon there stands a man who believes the gods smile upon him - That he is to be lord and master over a whole nation, perhaps even the world.

But, to fulfill his destiny he has to take up the sword against the One G-d and His chosen people, the Jews. Such dictators propagate the belief that the nation of Israel must be cut down, along with the Jewish people IF Obama and his followers are to lead the world - or at least America.

Perhaps, not so strangely, the nations and civilizations who attacked Israel at any point in historical time to conquer the Jews in order to add the One G-d of the Jews to their panoply of gods have all vanished. Only the Jews have remained a a people for over 3000 years.   Now Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people in their ancient homeland and with their ancient language. 

We observe in our own time that the more American Presidents move against the Jewish State, the more catastrophes are visited upon America - including hurricanes, volcanoes, great heat or cold, drought, plagues of dire illnesses and now the financial melt-down of the American economy.

It takes either a very brave man or a fool to challenge the G-d of the Jews. One can, of course, be both a brave man and a fool.

When Obama made his speech in Cairo deferring to the Muslim world, it was obvious that another catastrophe would inevitably follow soon. We now watch in horror as the Iranian Republican Guard and Security Forces viciously slaughter their own people who are demonstrating unarmed in the streets. Eyewitnesses describe the Hamas and Hezb’Allah Palestinians beating and breaking of bones of innocents. The young people protesting the fraudulent election call these Arabic-speaking Palestinians "animals" and "thugs" for their virulent attacks.

This people’s resistance to their country's fraudulent election may spark a revolution in Iran from the radical Islamic dictatorship - despite the Ahmadinejad government’s violent attacks.   Such a real peoples' revolution could likely send a message to the other 56 Islamic nations to similarly rise up against repressive Muslim rule.

We observe North Korea preparing more accurate missiles and rockets with greater range - accompanied with nuclear tests. All this prepared potential for a Nuclear Holocaust is proceeding in several countries now (especially Iran and North Korea) - under Obama’s watch - as he ramps up his adversarial attacks only against the Land of Israel and the Jewish people - in obsequious deference to Islam.

I know there is more, perhaps worse, coming. Whether it will be called Armageddon among other catastrophic prophecies, only time will tell.

America is a great, noble and generous country. Her people are extraordinary when it comes to rescuing other nations from tyrants. Regrettably, all that can change in the hands of a regime where her leader, along with others, believe they can run the country without the interference of America’s legal Constitution.

That attitude is prevailing as friends and allies are betrayed and America’s Treasury is raided as if a "Coup d’etat" has already been implemented and Obama "owns" the Treasury with all that pours into it as either taxes or confiscation.

Perhaps the destiny Obama seeks as an articulate amateur are the failures he is stimulating. The talk in Washington among the insiders is that Obama will no longer listen to anyone, believing he is the messiah who can therefore do no wrong.

Hopefully, America and Israel can survive his one term in office.

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An introduction to MAOF
Haim Goldman

Dear Friends,

Would you believe that the undersigned has anything in common with

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Haim Goldman


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