Jun 29th
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Дорогие друзья!

Рада сообщить вам, что американское издательство “Lexington Books” выпустило в свет новую книгу проф. Пола Эйдельберга, с книгами и статьями которого многие из вас знакомы – как в моих переводах на русский язык, так и в англоязычном оригинале. Пока что новая книга вышла только на английском языке, поэтому в данный момент я могу рекомендовать ее лишь тем из вас, кто читает по-английски. Надеюсь, что впоследствии найдутся издательства, которые захотят опубликовать эту интереснейшую работу и на русском, и на иврите, так как книга представляет огромный интерес для читающих на обоих этих языках. Она будет чрезвычайно полезна всем, кому дороги и Израиль, и Америка, и кто задумывается над поразившим обе страны социально-политическим кризисом, который сделал обе страны беззащитными перед стремительной мусульманской агрессией. Можно сказать, что издательство “Lexington Books” сделало американским евреям настоящий подарок к празднику, выпустив книгу в преддверии еврейских осенних праздников.


С наилучшими пожеланиями к Рош а-Шана,

Элеонора Шифрин


Ниже предлагаю краткую аннотацию книги, а также отзывы о ней американских политологов.


Книгу можно заказать по адресу издательства:

Lexington Books

A Division of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

4501 Forbes Boulevard,  Suite 200

Lanham, Maryland 20706

Phone: 1-800-462-6420


An American Political Scientist in Israel is a semi-autobiographical work that begins with Eidelberg’s meetings with some of Israel’s political and intellectual leaders.  His book reveals, for the first time, the relativistic mode of thought of these elites and how this affects their foreign policy.  As a political scientist and student of the America’s Founding Fathers, he provides a professional critique of Israel’s ideological and institutional flaws.  He exposes these flaws not only in his prolific writings, but also in his weekly program on Israel National Radio.


The key chapter of his most provocative book, Demophrenia: Israel and the Malaise of Democracy, has been updated and enlarged for the present volume.  “Demophrenia” (a neologism) is a mental disorder peculiar to democracies steeped in a leveling egalitarianism.  In Israel and elsewhere, demophrenia exhibits some of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, such as impairment of volition, lack of self-esteem, flattened emotional reactions, escapism, and stereotypic behaviors.  Obviously these negative symptoms exist on a continuum with normal behavior.  They are remarkably prevalent in Israel’s seventeen-year fixation on the policy of “land for peace,” whose advocates effectively repress the genocidal statements of Israel’s Arab enemies, to say nothing of their terrorist behavior.


Another unique aspect of this book is its detailed account of Israel economic and technological contribution to the material well-being and security of the United States.  Contrary to conventional opinion, dollar for dollar, the United States receives more from Israel than Israel receives from the United States!

Finally, Eidelberg offers a remedy for Israel’s woes.  He first shows that although Israel, from a sociological perspective, is a democracy, it is not a democracy from a political-institutional perspective.  Not only does Israel lack a written Constitution with institutional checks and balances, but members of the legislature are not individually accountable of the voters in constituency elections.  Operating in Israel is not representative government so much as multi-party cabinet government dominated by the prime minister.  Eidelberg has therefore drafted a Constitution that empowers the people consistent with basic Judaic principles




“What can America teach Israel?  And what can Israel teach America?

Thirty-four years ago American political scientist Paul Eidelberg

chose to live and teach in Jerusalem, placing himself physically and

intellectually at the center of these questions.  Weaving together his

characteristic clear-headed analysis and constructive policy

recommendations with accounts of his conversations with high-ranking  Israeli officials, he offers the conclusions of a lifetime's work on  behalf of his two countries, just as they have reached a crisis in

their longstanding alliance.”


Professor Will Morrisey

William and Patricia LaMothe Chair in the United States Constitution

Hillsdale College, USA




"In An American Political Scientist in Israel, Paul Eidelberg powerfully illuminates the problems and deficiencies of contemporary Israeli politics.  According to this thoroughgoing inquiry, the deficiencies are deeply rooted in both ideological and institutional weaknesses.  A pervasive moral relativism infects policy-making, leading to unprincipled decisions on vital matters, and a dysfunctional multiparty cabinet system renders the government incapable of coherent and decisive action.  Eidelberg views the subject from two perspectives: his devotion to the historic promise of Judaism and his political science profession. Readers will find much to think about on questions theological, philosophic, and psychological."


—Professor Harry Clor, Department of Political Science, Kenyon College



"This book is full of brilliantly unfashionable and often simply indispensable advice for both Israel and America. Eidelberg is justly celebrated for his singular, erudite, and deeply serious insight—one that brings together politics, philosophy, and theology into a humanly worthy whole. And this book is surely the most masterful of his contributions for a political science to the crises of our times."


—Professor Peter A. Lawler, Berry College