Nov 23rd
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Звезда не активнаЗвезда не активнаЗвезда не активнаЗвезда не активнаЗвезда не активна
Yamin Israel

Nothing so disarms Jews more than Israeli politicians who invoke the term "peace", especially when that mantra is used by emasculated politicians of the "Right".   And nothing so much encourages Arabs and arouses their contempt for Jews when Israel's timid politicians conclude every interview with the media by assuring listeners and viewers, here and abroad, that they believe in "peaceful coexistence"  between Jews and Arabs.

Now, as a political scientist who served in the United States Air Force and who taught Israeli officers for some 20 years at Bar-Ilan University, I can assure you, on the basis of extensive research and experience, that Israel's military establishment, including General Ehud Barak, has been utterly miseducated on the subject of peace and war.

Let me first remind you that the late Professor Y. Harkabi, who headed Israel's "War College" as well as Israel Military Intelligence, purveyed the doctrine that a small country like Israel can only react to events.  This doctrine is utterly false and pernicious.  As I wrote back in 1978 in SADAT'S STRATEGY, paraphrasing Metternich, the 19th century Austrian statesman on whom Henry Kissinger wrote his doctoral dissertation, "Weaker powers can ill-afford merely to react to events; they must try to initiate them".

Metternich also taught:  "In any situation where each of the possible lines of action involves difficulty, the strongest line is the best".  In contrast, some Israeli generals are now saying that self-restraint is the best course of action, or best serves as a deterrent against Arabs!

Here are other Metternichean principles of statecraft which I published in Israel in 1978:  "Any plan conceived in moderate terms must fail when the circumstances are set in the extreme". "Compromise is the easy refuge of irresolute and unprincipled men".  Conversely, "Compromise is appropriate when dealing with temporary and partial interests.  A nation's survival is not a matter for compromise".

Although "The first and fundamental principle of negotiation is  reciprocity", one ought not expect reciprocity when dealing with despots or dictatorships.   Reciprocity requires moderation on the part of those involved in a dispute.   But "To ask the leaders of dictatorships to be moderate is like asking them to destroy the foundations of their existence".

On the other hand, "Nations with democratic forms of government are not for that reason the natural allies of each other or the implacable foes of dictatorships".   Need I add that this applies to the United States vis-a-vis Israel on the one hand, and Arab dictators on the other?

Accordingly, "We must rely for the execution of our plans on ourselves alone and on such means as we possess".  Hence Israel must detach itself of its anything but "honest broker" in Washington, D.C.

Finally, I pointed out:  "When called upon to handle important matters, the statesman must tackle them vigorously.  For this to happen it is necessary that the course decided upon should not only be clear in the eyes of the Cabinet, but should also be made clear in the eyes of the public".

It should be obvious to all that the Barak Government is the furthest removed from Metternich's wise teachings.  It has violated every principle of statecraft.  In every meeting with Arafat and Clinton, Barak has made concession after concession without reciprocity.  Meanwhile, General Barak has handcuffed Israel's army.  Arabs can attack and even kill Jews without fear of significant reaction.  Harkabi's "reactionary" teachings have produced  cowardly results.  Nor is this all.

The fact that Arabs can shoot Jews with impunity suggests that Barak's Government feels that more Jews need to be killed to justify a (limited) military reaction without incurring the international media's vilification and UN condemnation!  I know this is a terrible thing to say, but I will say more.  The fact that the opposition does not topple Barak indicates that IT DOES NOT WANT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF DOING WHAT IT KNOWS MUST BE DONE TO SAVE ISRAEL.

Now let me state what must be said and done in this desperate hour.  First, since Israel is at war, which its Government fears to acknowledge, DO NOT TALK ABOUT PEACE.  If you must use that term, say "Peace can only be achieved when Israel disarms and defeats its enemy, the PLO-Palestinian Terrorist Authority".

Second, do not expect any Likud-led government to declare war or to initiate any basic change in the Oslo covenant of death.  Hence, do not be mollified by the nice-sounding remarks of MKs like Sharon or Sharansky.  They are part of the Establishment and will continue to play by the rules of the democratic-parliamentary game.

This said, I now urge for the nth time the formation of a UNITED FRONT by extra-parliamentary groups, such as the dauntless Women in Green, Professors for a Strong Israel, Yamin Israel, and others.  We must assume responsibility for our country's future, since it has been abandoned by the Government and the Establishment parties.  We must meet as soon as possible and adopt emergency measures to save Israel.  Once we agree on a joint program, we must form a new political party, like no other that has ever existed in Israel.  We shall then be prepared to develop a grass roots movement with branches around the country.

We then hold a major press conference.  We call upon Jews everywhere, especially in the United States, to champion our cause by financial support, establishing branches in major cities, giving us radio and TV coverage, and by joining us in our struggle for Israel's survival.

Finally, in view of the fact that we cannot depend on Israel's security forces to protect our communities, we must establish a civilian defense force for this life-saving purpose, and we call upon Jews abroad to join us in the defense of our loved ones.