Sep 19th
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Звезда не активнаЗвезда не активнаЗвезда не активнаЗвезда не активнаЗвезда не активна
June 4, 1997 First published in 1984 [slightly updated] 


by Gail Winston, Founder,

MEIR (Mid East Information Resource);

co-chair Chicago Women in Green


Yom Yerushalayim Sama'ach! Happy Jerusalem Day! 1997/5757


The battle lines are [still] drawn for Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, without which the security and sovereignty of Israel is at extreme risk. Israel cannot defend Jerusalem if she surrenders Judea and Samaria as a territorial sacrifice for the sake of the word "peace" . [Nor can she save the Jewish State of Israel is she abandons any part of the 3000 year old ancient Jewish Capital of Jerusalem.]  

The Muslim Arab world, supported by Muslim non-Arab countries [totaling 57 Muslim countries], the F.S.U. (Former Soviet Union), non-aligned nations, Europe, Japan and Africa as well as the Vatican will press Israel to give up sovereignty of Jerusalem, IF Jewish abandonment of Judea, Samaria and [Gaza] continue the Oslo precedents. 

We must not permit the surrender of Jerusalem, or of Judea and Samaria, as that loss is implied by the Oslo linkage interpretation to the Camp David Agreements and has been abandoned unilaterally by Peres and Rabin at Oslo I & II. Giving up under the bludgeon of U.S. pressure would not only make Israel's defense impossible, it would also break the morale of Israel's population. Israel's fate could become that of the Lebanese Christians. Arab Moslems might not mind, but Jews (and Christians) should. 

Many frontier Zionists in Judea and Samaria left comfortable homes in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, New York, Chicago and other locales to create pioneering facts, to maintain a Jewish presence in the land of our heritage. If there is to be a true peace, there is no reason for any part of Israel to be Judenrein. Without true peace, defending Israel along truncated, indefensible borders would be national suicide. 

Israel is urged by the world to evacuate these towns, villages and cities to make room for a Palestinian radical, irredentist homeland. This PLO "entity" intends to make East or "Arab" Jerusalem its capital. Soon to be "President" Yassir Arafat continually declaimed [in 1997]: "The Palestinian boy and girl will raise the Palestinian flag over the mosques, churches and synagogues of Jerusalem, which will be the capital of the State of Palestine and ONLY that state. And anyone who doesn't like it can go drink Gaza sea water."  

The United Nations considers 60% of Jerusalem to be part of the 'West Bank'. [Current American President Barack Obama wants the U.N. flag to fly over the Kotel (Western Wall) of Jerusalem’s Jewish Temple Mount.] 

But how does one define East or "Arab" Jerusalem? All the land Jordan occupied in 1948 that includes North and South Jerusalem? Including the Jewish Quarter where Jordan destroyed 58 Jewish synagogue? Mt. Scopus where Hadassah Hospital and Hebrew University were cut off after the massacre of 77 doctors and nurses? The Western Wall of the Jewish Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, where access was denied from 1948 to 1967, contrary to international agreements and guarantees?  

Today Jews cannot pray ON the Temple Mount, (but that is the fault of Jews). If you doubt that access to Jewish holy sites will be the "normal" in this "New Middle East", listen to the public pronouncements of Arafat and his highest officers of the New Palestinian State. They promise no Jews will pray at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron, Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem, or 43 other Jewish holy sites. 

Does the United States recognize Muslim Arab sovereignty over the parts of the Jerusalem that Jordan captured during the 1948 war? Only Pakistan and Britain recognized Jordanian sovereignty over any part of western Palestine. No other nation, including the United States, ever did.

The Bible and even the Koran is filled with prophecies of the Jews' return to Jerusalem. In the 2683 years [nearly 2700 years] since the destruction of the First Temple and throughout the 2 Diasporas, Jews have prayed daily for the return to Jerusalem. Zionism is Zion. Zion is Jerusalem. Jerusalem is Israel - the heart and soul of Israel. We have peace now that the Eternal Golden City is united. All faiths now worship in freedom. All holy places are protected.  

Jerusalem has been the physical and spiritual capital of the Jewish people for 3001 years as of 1997. There's always been a strong Jewish presence (except when the Jews were forcibly kept out) and a continuous Jewish presence since 1267. Jews were the majority of the population in Jerusalem since 1850. 

American Jews voted for Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, two Bushes, and now Barack Obama on faith, in part, because they promised to uphold the Democratic and Republican Party platforms recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. To our dismay, Ronald Reagan's September 1982 "Peace Plan" and the Clinton State Department with its 3 Jewish Arabists, (holdovers from the first Bush presidency) Dennis Ross, Aaron Miller, Dan Kurtzer and later Ambassador Martin Indyk have promoted a policies of pressuring Israel into surrendering vital territory to appease the Arabs. At the same time, enemies of Israel are being shipped the most advanced American weaponry that even America’s NATO allies have not yet received. Again, we Jews and pro-Israel Christians are being deceived and Israel's survival is at risk. 

The pressure of successive administrations on Israel, is to no small extent, our own fault. American Jews have permitted successive American Presidents to endanger Israel's security. These Presidents may have argued: "You don't have to agree with our reasoning; you are free to cause a war by not doing so but you will ultimately be responsible for killing your own young men, so don't depend on future American support, aid or arms."  

We may never know what really occurs in talks between the U.S. and Israel. However, the attitudes of our American governments is our responsibility [as Jews wherever we live], insofar as it is formed upon the dominant public opinion as molded by and in the media. We have empowered our government to develop such manipulative techniques as attested to in the memoirs of the Camp David negotiations and still hidden in the secrets of the agreements signed in Oslo, Cairo and Washington. By our silence and passivity we encouraged Carter's, Reagan's, two Bush's, Clinton's, and now Obama’s pro-Arab State Department policies. Our failure to act has been compounded by the divisions in local Jewish communities and their lack of political foresight and understanding.  

Israel shouldn't be forced to mortgage her economic future by relinquishing territory, oil [Abu Rudeis in Sinai], 73% of her fresh water resource, strategic defenses and sovereignty for an ephemeral, cold peace.  

Leadership in the Jewish community has been developed to meet the urgent needs of fund-raising to provide essential community services. These leaders may, or may not be the best leaders for political action, especially if they are cautious to avoid conflict with American Administrations who institute policies against the best interests of Israel and the survival of the Jewish people. However, since the community as a whole perceives that the job is being done, it is difficult, if not impossible, for new leaders with political or public relations experience to play a meaningful role. The job of political PR (Hasbara) for Israel is not being pursued adequately by Jewish leadership in America. Israel doesn't have the necessary budget to engage is such a vital undertaking. At one point after the 1982 Lebanon War, Israel asked the Diaspora communities to assume direct responsibility for Hasbara but we Jews in the Diaspora never tackled the job adequately. 

The American media make mayhem of misunderstanding. 

In the midst of Israel's tremendous sacrifice of the Sinai for peace, the media, perhaps briefed by the State Department, began an attack which has never lessened upon Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem by means of the techniques of linkage with a false interpretation of the Camp David Accords. Oslo I and II are the results. The almost certain loss of the Golan and the probable loss of Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem follow from those ignominious surrenders.  

It should be painfully clear to all Jews in the Diaspora, that the job of Hasbara in their own countries [including Israel] is essential. We may never match the billions of petro-dollars poured into Muslim Arab propaganda, but nothing could match the zeal of turned-on Jews, to defend the survival of Israel.  

Judea and Samaria are Israel's key to survival. Jerusalem is our soul; Israel is our heart and upon Israel's survival depends our own. 

This was first published in 1984. Today's concessions are 'deja vu' big time. Just plug in the Declaration of Principles, the concessionary giveaways of Gaza and Jericho first; the rest of the 'West Bank' by May 1998; the evacuation of 10,000 Jewish men, women and children from Gush Katif/Gaza and Northern Samaria. Jerusalem is on the table for negotiation for the first time by any Israeli government; 73% of Israel's water resource is at risk; the entire Golan Heights looks like [it will be] a sacrifice to Syria...and what are we doing?!!

Russian version
An introduction to MAOF
Haim Goldman

Dear Friends,

Would you believe that the undersigned has anything in common with

-- Professor Victor Davis Hanson (Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University),
-- Dr Charles Krauthammer, (Washington Post, Time, The Weekly Standard),
-- Caroline Glick (Deputy Managing Editor of the Jerusalem Post),
-- Jonathan Tobin (Executive Editor of the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent).

Amazingly, the editors of the MAOF website decided that the missives of the undersigned are worthy of translation and posting along the articles written by these distinguished authors.

The first letter was published without the consent of the undersigned.
However, after thorough examination of the laudable attitude of MAOF and of the excellent contents of the website, the undersigned had most graciously granted his permission for publication of his missives in both English and Russian.

“Analytical Group MAOF” [1] is an organisation founded about ten years ago by Russian-speaking Jewish intellectuals. The attitude of MAOF is definitely pro-Zionist -- unambiguously and unapologetically.

One of MAOF’s primary purposes is providing information and analysis about Middle-Eastern and world affairs as well as about Israel’s history, values and dilemmas. In addition to extensive publication activity in various media, MAOF also organises excursions and seminars. While the vast majority of the contents of the MAOF website is in Russian, texts originally written in English are provided in the original [2] as well as in Russian.

There are arguably about 250 millions of Russian-speakers worldwide and many of them do not read English. The indisputable motivation for the author’s permission was to grant those millions of disadvantaged people the grand benefit of reading the author’s ruminations. If the author is ever maliciously accused that his tacit motivation for authorising the publication was his craving to be listed along with the above-mentioned distinguished writers, his plea will definitely be “nolo contendere”.

The editors of MAOF expressed their gratitude by granting the undersigned a privilege that no other author got – the opportunity to review and correct the Russian translation before publication. The original letters of the undersigned are at [3] and their Russian version is at [4]. At of today, only two letters are posted but several other letters are pending translation.

You are kindly ENCOURAGED TO RECOMMEND the MAOF website to your friends and colleagues worldwide, particularly those who speak Russian. Those who do not enjoy the benefit of proficiency in the exquisite Russian language can find many thought-provoking and inspiring articles about Middle-Eastern and world affairs in the English section [2].


Haim Goldman


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